Servicing & Maintenance

Solar Servicing & Maintenance

When booking in for your Solar Service, it is the assumption that your system is in good working order and you simply require a full maintenance clean. If your system is not in good working order, please let our friendly team know so that we can book in an assessment service call to investigate what is required to bring your solar system back up to working order.

We recommend a full professional clean at least every 12 months in a domestic setting and 6-monthly in a commercial setting. Have your solar panels been cleaned in the past 12 months? If not, contact us to book in today alternatively you can book yourself for a suitable time below.

Maintenance is an important part of owning a solar system. Most manufacturers require that your system is to be kept up to date with servicing to maintain warranty. By continuing with regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your system and ensure optimised energy generation.


Our Solar Service includes:

  • Panel clean
  • Wiring inspection
  • Isolator functionality check
  • Inverter output check
  • Electrical connections checked
  • Any debris removed from around the panels
  • Cost $350 inc GST [5kw system]

Contact us today to discuss a personalised quote to suit your requirements.

Our Solar Service + Assessment includes:

  • All Solar Service items, plus
  • Initial assessment to benchmark performance of system
  • Report of findings to highlight repairs, upgrades or replacements required
  • Detailed quote for repairs etc as required
  • Cost $550 inc GST [5kw system]

Contact us today to discuss a personalised quote to suit your requirements.

*Please note that the above servicing does not include and repairs if any faults are found during the service. If faults are found this will be discussed with you and if time permits and equipment is available technician may be able to complete repairs at time of service. Alternatively we will need to book this in for another day.

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