Yes, choosing the right system to suit your needs is important. Yes, choosing the right brand is important. But, ensuring the correct installation is the most important part of installing a new solar system.

Here at PI Solar we pride ourselves on our workmanship and the high-quality level of all our installations.

You can rest assured that PI Solar only use the best quality panels, inverters, electrical wiring, isolators, even down to the screws and brackets holding your solar panels to your roof.

Solar Systems

You have a few choices to make when considering your solar systems and we take out the guess work for you to help guide your choice.

Firstly, we can assess your house remotely using innovative software. We can design the panel layouts, orientation and confirm mounting requirements.

Secondly, we can offer you three main choices for your consideration:

  1. Storage now: Would you like to have battery storage now? This helps store the energy from the sun during the day when the sun is the brightest but you are using the least amount of energy. Then you can get to draw down on this energy later in the evening when you are home. Makes sense right.
  2. Storage ready: Would you like battery storage in the future? If so then you’ll need to invest into a ‘Smart Inverter’ now so that it can handle and optimise the battery storage system seamlessly at a later date.
  3. No Storage: Are you ok with the most cost effective solution? Perhaps you are not planning to be in your home forever, or you simply have only a set allocation of budget and still want the massive benefit of solar energy. In this case, no problem, you can also start to adjust your energy usage habits to better align to your maximum generating times. Things like making sure your pool and air-conditioning are mainly used during the day.
Thirdly, if you know what you want, how much you are happy to spend then head straight to our selector tool to choose a system, pay your deposit and book us in ๐Ÿ™‚

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